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29 Tiny Introduce Puppy To Other Dogs Photo 4K

37 Droll Introduce Puppy To Other Dogs. If the dogs remain comfortable, allow them to walk side by side. Once you have picked your spot, it is time to introduce the dogs.

How to Introduce a Puppy to Your Dog 7 Tips Love Of A
How to Introduce a Puppy to Your Dog 7 Tips Love Of A from

Hold their leashes loosely so that they don't feel as though they are being held back, but do not try to force them together. Keep them both on a lead and give them plenty of time to sniff around and get used to one another. Initially, walk side by side with your friend with the dogs away from one another.

Once The Dogs Are Able To View Each Other At A Close Proximity, Allow One Dog To Walk Behind The Other, And Then Switch.

Expose them to different situations where dogs are present frequently. Avoid chastising other pets if they don’t react positively. Allow the dogs to meet slowly and calmly and let them say hello.

If The Puppy Is Under Six Months Old, Both The Dog And The Puppy May Need Frequent Breaks From Each Other.

Lead the dogs past each other. If you have a new 8 to 12 week old puppy no need to introduce on neutral ground; Then turn around and purposely place the two dogs in the middle so that they can walk next to each other.

Getting A New Puppy Is A Big Commitment, And The Idea Of Introductions Can Feel Like A Terrifying Step, Because Your Older Dog Is So Much Older, And Could (If So Inclined) Do Damage…

How to do this is further down; Again, monitor their body language and separate them if things become aggressive. If you’re introducing a puppy to your dog, make sure your older dog isn’t overwhelmed with puppy energy.

Even If Your Pet Tends To Be Reserved And Quiet, Social Interaction Is Still Essential.

Monitor closely in the home. Finally, let the dogs interact under close supervision. A good introduction between a lazy dog and a hyper dog can mean more exercise for one, or less manic energy for the other.

Don't Hold The Puppy In Your Arms As You Introduce Him, This Will Make The Puppy Feel Trapped And Threatened.

It is almost guaranteed that when you and your canine buddy are out on a walk, you will come into contact with another dog. You should go to the meeting spot with the two dogs separately. If the dog does not like the puppy, do not leave them alone together.