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28 Cute Bringing A Lab Puppy Home. Getting a puppy is a serious commitment. Explain the importance of being calm — no screaming, yelling or running up at full speed.

What's The Best Age to Get & When Can You Take a Labrador
What's The Best Age to Get & When Can You Take a Labrador from

But if you have had a long car journey, the first thing your puppy will need is to pee! It is fun to go into a large pet store and browse all the isles or visit a small specialty shop to look for something unique before bringing home a new puppy. Make sure when the pets interact that you are in the room so you can safe guard the new pup.

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Videos you watch may be added to the tv's. Talk to the breeder or the previous owner if it all possible, to determine what type of food the puppy was eating and any special. Again, covering the crate may help, and go easy on your turns and stops.

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We have had labs as kids but this will be out first together that we will have from his puppy days. Make everyone apart of the welcome home party and include other pets get everyone involved in welcoming the new lab home. One of the first things you should do even before your new puppy arrives home is to look for a good veterinarian whom you can quickly go to in case of emergencies.

The Very First Thing You Want To Do Is Carry Your Puppy Straight To The Place You’ve Chosen As Their Bathroom Spot.

Check your home for potential puppy hazards like poisonous plants, cleaning products, cables, or other things they might chew on that they shouldn’t. It will be warm enough to give your puppy his first swimming lessons once he gets old enough. January 30th, 2015 last updated:

You Must Have Noticed Labrador Puppies For Sale And Decided To Bring Them Home.

Perhaps the first thing that you will teach your labrador puppy when he comes home is his name. Bringing our chocolate lab puppy home! Lab puppy proof the house.

If You Must Stop For A Walk On The Way Home, Go To Unused Areas.

How to prepare yourself for a new labrador in your home? The yellow lab can appear to be fox red, white, a. You should also introduce the other pets to the new puppy.