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55 Droll Travel With Dog To New Zealand Photo

57 Excited Travel With Dog To New Zealand. But i refuse to fly him as cargo, so i'm trying to find boat companies that will allow dogs. Dogs coming from australia or norfolk island don’t need to be quarantined.

New Zealand With Dogs We Travel NZ
New Zealand With Dogs We Travel NZ from

From usa to new zealand via boat. Checking if you’re from an approved country is the best place to start. Many of new zealand’s national parks and the surrounding campsites will not allow pets on site.

There Is A Minimum 180 Day Quarantine For Pets Going Into New Zealand From Countries That Are Not Free Of Rabies, And At Least 30 Of Those Days Must Be Spent In Quarantine In Nz (The Other 150 Days Can Be Done In The Country Of Export).

Pet air travel is an everyday occurrence in new zealand and is often preferable to a long road journey as it minimises any stress experienced by the animal. Cats and dogs can be imported only from approved countries. They are not able to be checked on during flight, but when traveling on a pet friendly airline pets are the last to be loaded and the first to be removed.

Brazilian Fila, Dog Argentino, Japanese Tosa, Perro De Presa Canario, American Pit Bull Terrier (Any Type), Hybrid Species (Any Type)

Injury to a person or animal, annoyance to any person, damage to any property, or distraction to the driver.’. Dogs from australia can be cleared for entry into new zealand without quarantine. If your pet or live animal is travelling solo, we can fly them as cargo.

Dogs And Cats Being Imported To New Zealand From The Uk Need To Have A Primary Rabies Vaccination At Least 6 Months Before They Fly And Then A Rabies Blood Sample At Least 3 Months Before They Fly.

The following animal breeds are prohibited : New zealand is a great place to travel within. Maf certified & airline accredited.

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Remember, cats and dogs must be cleared for entry into new zealand (australian cats or dogs only) or transferred to a quarantine facility (all other countries) from either auckland or christchurch airports. Visit new zealand's website for complete and up to date information as well as printable checklist for traveling with your pet to new zealand. I don't care if it's a cruiser, a freighter, a whatever (except a yacht), just as long as me and my dog can do it together.

Is New Zealand Rabies Free?

Assistance dogs that have met the mpi assistance dog documentation requirements can complete quarantine in your home under the supervision of an official veterinarian, provided the dog is compliant with all the required tests and treatments. From usa to new zealand via boat. How long do dogs and cats stay in quarantine in new zealand?